Blog Launch

microcap stocks

microcap stocksWhile is an investment letter for paid subscribers, I decided in the summer of 2017 to provide some research for free (complimentary).

However, after two years I decided to redesign the website so it was more “mobile device” friendly. This required a major overall by Godaddy, and in the process I also needed to make changes to the Blog section. As a result, I had to purge old posts and will be starting from scratch July 2019.

This blog will include the occasional (new idea) and some updates on stocks I have posted to the blog.

Keep in mind that my focus is microcap (penny stocks) traded on the TSX, TSXV, and the CSE. This will include stocks (initially) trading in the range of 5 cents to $2, and with a maximum market cap of $200M Canadian – typically far below that threshold.

This is a niche aspect of investing (educated gambling) that I have specialized in for over 30 years and have published online since 1998 – through

Danny Deadlock / MicroCap Equity Analyst