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Biomark Diagnostics (BUX:CSE / BMKDF:OTC / 20B:FSE)


Biomark is a fascinating life sciences company that is very overlooked. It will require patience but this is one of those companies that over one or two years could produce exceptional capital gains.

This is also one of the few microcap companies that is “socially responsible” and if commercially successful, will do a LOT for humanity. Because of this, we are volunteering our time and space on MicroCap.com to help create an awareness of Biomark and their technology (scientific research). We have not accepted nor been offered ANY compensation for helping Biomark. The publisher of MicroCap.com (Danny Deadlock) is a shareholder of Biomark through purchases in the open market – if we wouldn’t own it, we wouldn’t expect anyone else to.


I.) – Biomark Introduction July 1/19

II.) – Biomark to be the COVER story of CANCERS Aug 22/19

III.) Biomark Potential Resembles the Early Stages of Blackberry Sept 24/19


I.) July 1, 2019 – Biomark Introduction (BUX:CSE 17 cents)

Our complimentary introduction (research report) on Biomark – click here to Download / View the PDF >>> Biomark Diagnostics

Do You have Cancer ?



II.) August 22, 2019 – Biomark Update: Cover of CANCERS

Biomark (BUX:CSE 18 cents) has been chosen by editors (scientific peers) to be the September COVER story for CANCERS – one of the largest and most reputable scientific journals focused on cancer. This should move Biomark onto the radar of large pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, along with academics around the world.

I have explained the reach of this publication along with its potential impact for investors. That update is available Here >> BioMark Cancers Update.


III.) September 24, 2019 – It is Very Possible Biomark is a Billion Dollar MicroCap in the Making – Not Unlike the Early Days of RIM (Blackberry)

Biomark Diagnostics (BUX:CSE 23 cents) – 50% Downside Risk vs. 10 to 20 Times Upside Potential (?)

Recently I spent the day with Biomark’s CEO and CFO and while the headline above sounds promotional, the potential is very real. Their science / technology is both remarkable and grossly over-looked.

Biomark’s CEO Rashid hopes to raise about $3 Million near 30 cents in Q4/19 or Q1/20. This would carry them for the next year at which time they would look to raise $5 to $10 Million at significantly higher prices. The company is also continually applying for government grants and cancer research funding from large corporations and trusts.

From a Risk/Reward perspective, the “idea” would be that an investment at 30 cents within two years could result in losing half the investment. Alternatively, this is offset by commercial success or takeover within two to three that could generate a return of 10 to 20 times the investment (based on peer valuations).

Longer term (global) commercial success could value the company in excess of a Billion dollars. This could generate exponential returns but there are too many unknown variables beyond three years to speculate on this.

If you have the capital available to invest in his upcoming financing and are interested, you can email him and ask to be put on a list for expressions of interest (in future financings).


Alternatively, and for most investors, they can look at acquiring stock in the open market. I have been a buyer since Q2/19 with a plan to tuck it away for two to three years.

As part of his financing efforts in Q4 or Q1/20, Rashid is working on an Executive Summary. I went through parts of this while in Vancouver last week and it is exceptionally well done. Qualified investors may want to inquire with Rashid as to whether they could get a copy.

Part of their capital raise will allow them to set up an office close to the University of Maryland and John Hopkins – two of the world’s top medical Universities. They already work with researchers there and this will put them in much closer contact with a world-class network coming in and out of those facilities on a regular basis.

Throughout the year Biomark news-flow will consist of government or industry grant awards, scientific publications, high profile advisory board appointments, and any notable advancements in the science or regulatory filings / approvals – along with potential licensing partnerships.

My 8 Page Research Update is available Here as a PDF >> Biomark Update 092419


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